Library and Information Centre in São Paulo

Our Library is a partnership between the British Council and Cultura Inglesa.  It offers the public:

• Approximately 6,500 books in English, with a focus on British literature, as well as reference works and collections, complementary arts, biography, geography and history;

• British newspapers and magazines;

• Online catalog;

• Internet access to educational and cultural research in the UK;

• Access to British television programmes (BBC) and British radio shows.

How to get your library card

If you reside in São Paulo and are over 16 years old, you can join the library and borrow books and magazines. It’s very easy:

• Submit an original document with photo (ID or driver's license) or , for non-Brazilian residents, RNE or passport;

• Submit proof of current address (e.g. a utility bill);

• Pay the fee of R$ 20.00;

São Paulo residents over 60 years old are exempt of the fee.

British Council Information Centre

In the library there is an expert team on hand to advise you on educational programmes in the UK. We offer information about universities, language schools and the British educational system.

We also receive study visits from schools, with a view to disseminating British education and culture. 


There are regular cultural events in the library such as the reading club, film exhibitions and lectures about studying in the UK. Check our What’s on page to see the upcoming events.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  

Location and contact info

Rua Ferreira de Araújo, 741 - Térreo - Pinheiros - São Paulo, SP, Brazil - CEP 05428-002

Regular working hours: Monday to Friday, 09pm-07pm

Telephone number: 0800-701-9876 or +55 11 2126-7500

Fax number: +55 11 2126-7599

Email address: