The British Council is an international UK organization that promotes intercultural relationships and educational opportunities around the world.  During our work we often meet children, young people, and adults. Therefore, we seek their care whilst they are in contact with us.  

Who does our policy protect?

Our protection policy defines a child as any person who has not reached 18 years of age (CRC, UN 1989), regardless of the coming of age in the country where the child lives or their country of origin.

Adults at risk are people of 18 years of age or more who are identifies as incapable of looking after themselves which puts them in a vulnerable situation when protecting themselves against significant damage, exploitation, or negligence.

Adults in a situation of risk due to vulnerability, homelessness, mental or physical health problems, learning deficiencies, physical disabilities, catastrophes or violence are also protected.

Our commitment

We value, respect, and listen to children and adults.  

We guarantee compliance with relevant British, local, and international laws and standards.

We have solid protection procedures which go through planning, risk evaluation, and the implementation of protection systems which reduces the risk of abuse situations.

We share the best protection practices and relevant information on protection with staff.

We take measures and investigate suspected abuse in a proportioned and adequate way, maintaining confidentiality where possible and implicating a children and adults where necessary.  

We demand that all staff’s behaviour is in line with this global policy declaration.  We also request that clients, partners, and suppliers know this declaration and act in accordance with it.

We provide adequate resources to apply this global policy declaration and we ensure that it is communicated and understood.

The British Council reviews this global policy declaration on an annual basis to reflect new legal developments and guarantee good practices.

Read the declaration here.