To safely carry out IELTS exams, we have adopted a series of protocols, following the guidelines of local governments and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Discover our biosafety measures:

Venue cleaning

Before the candidates arrive at the test venue, the IELTS team will carry out a rigorous process of cleaning and disinfecting the IELTS venue and the room where the IELTS test will be hosted.

For Speaking interview, the space will be cleaned before the candidates enter the test venue and the exam room as well as between one candidate and other.

For IELTS on computer, the cleaning of mouse and keyboards used during the test will take place before each session and before the candidate enters the test room.

Headphones used during the test will be covered with disposable protectors and, depending on the model, cleaned after each use.

Documents sent to the test centre

Test venue staff will wear disposeable gloves when handling, opening and disposing of packages that arrive at the test venue.

Test venue organisation

The test venue will be organised to help everyone maintain the recommended 1.5 meters of physical distancing between each other. There will be physical distancing signs in test venues to inform test takers of the different positions at the venue to respect the rule.

Candidates will be oriented to maintain the recommended 1.5 meters of physical distancing between others.

Washroom breaks will be permitted by respecting physical distancing and following the bathroom break rules for IELTS exams.

Hand sanitizing stations will be available in various points of the test venue

Temperature check

The temperature check will be done at the entrance of the building or of the test venue. If any candidate has symptoms similar to flu and/or fever (↑ 37.5 ° C), he will not be able to enter the premises.

A new temperature check will also be carried out on each candidate immediately before each test session.

The temperature check will be done by using a laser thermometer, with invigilators checking the temperature of test-takers with their arm fully elongated while wearing gloves and a mask when performing these actions.

IELTS team preparation

In addition to the face mask, an item that must be worn by everyone at the test site, the IELTS team will use face shields when in direct contact with the test candidates. The temperature of the IELTS team will also be checked.

Invigilators should also:

  •  maintain physical distancing.
  • wear disposable gloves, and replacing them as required.
  • ensure that the waiting area doesn’t go beyond the maximum capacity.
  • escort the test taker to their seat.  

Any Health and Safety, specifically Covid-19 related incidents, will be reported to the Test Centre Manager by our invigilators.

ID check

To take the test, you must present the same original document used during registration (RG, RNE or valid passport). No other document will be accepted. Without the correct original documentation, you will not be allowed to take the test, and there will not be a refund or rescheduling for a new date. Contact us if you want to update your document.

The ID check will be performed according to these orientations:

  • Test takers must sanitize their hands, and test venue staff will wear gloves when handling the attendance register.
  • The mask worn by the test taker must be removed during the identity check and for the photo capture for the IELTS test. Test takers’ masks must be turned inside out for inspection.
  • Finger scanning will proceed as normal. The scanner will be cleaned after each use with an alcohol pad.
  • Invigilators will ask test-takers to show their ID opened on the identification page as they approach their testing room to avoid the need to touch and handle personal documents.


The cloakroom will be available for IELTS test-takers. Test centres will use a tagging system to store and protect test-takers’ personal belongings. We kindly ask you to take as little as possible for your test.

Test centres will provide test takers single-use, large plastic bags to place their personal belongings. These bags will be closed and labelled without test centre staff directly touching the belongings.

Test venue staff will wear gloves when handling, opening and disposing of packages that arrive at the test venue.

What can you bring to the test day

IELTS candidates may bring some personal items to the test centre:

  • Stationery items for personal use (ballpoint pen with transparent body, pencil, eraser and sharpener).
  • Water for personal consumption in a transparent, unlabeled bottle.
  • Hand gloves;
  • Face mask;
  • Hand sanitizer in transparent and unlabeled packaging (the liquid may be colored, but the container must be translucent).

For security reasons, we will not make stationery materials available for personal use during the test.

Health declaration

In compliance with the biosafety protocol adopted for IELTS sessions, we need to collect some of your personal information regarding any pre-existing health conditions or symptoms. You will be requested to sign a health declaration form at the exam venue on your test day.

Notice: for test-takers under 18, the health declaration form must be completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian. If you are not going to accompany the child on the day of the test, complete and sign this document in advance. More information can be found on the minor consent forms page.

Take IELTS with the British Council

If you prefer, you can also download the orientations above from our IELTS test day PDF guidance, available below.