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IELTS scores and scores are an essential part of the English test process.

On this page, you will find information that will help you better understand your IELTS score and how the IELTS results submission process it is done.

Frequently asked questions about the IELTS result:

When do I have access to my IELTS result?

You can immediately get your IELTS English test result!

If you have taken the IELTS paper version or IELTS for UKVI, you can preview your score online 13 calendar days after the test date. Access your Candidate Portal. 

If you took the computer version of IELTS, you could preview your IELTS score online within 3-5 days after the test date. Access your Candidate

Taking the IELTS Life Skills version can preview your score online the Wednesday after the exam.  Access your Candidate

The IELTS result is available online for 28 days. However, this information cannot be used as official proof of your performance.

Official proof of IELTS results is solely through the physical certificate, the Test Report Form (TRF). We are not authorized to release notes or your TRF number by email, telephone, or person. You will only have access to this information upon receipt of the printed physical certificate sent via the Post Office.

Please contact your testing center if you lose your Test Report Form (TRF) or need to remember your IELTS results.

When do I receive the physical copy of my IELTS certificate?

  • IELTS paper version and IELTS for UKVI paper version: your official printed certificate (Test Report Form) will be posted to your address via registered mail within 13 calendar days after the test date.

  •  IELTS version on the computer and IELTS for UKVI on the computer: the posting will take place between 3 and 5 calendar days after the test. The delivery time informed by the Post Office is 5 to 15 working days, depending on the location.

  • IELTS Life Skills Version: Your Test Report Form will be posted to your address via registered mail the Wednesday after the exam.

Please contact us in advance if you wish to request shipping via FedEx.

We will send your certificate (TRF) directly to the institutions you are applying for, either in paper or computer versions. We may send up to five additional copies of your TRF directly to the institutions you nominate (e.g., universities, immigration officers, etc.). To do this, include the relevant addresses in the candidate portal up to two years after your IELTS test date.

If you need more than five copies of your TRF, you can request them by paying an administrative fee. Visit the extra lanes page for more information.

It is essential to remember to indicate the full address of the institution. With it, we can verify that the institution has access to the IELTS Test Report Form Verification Service. This service allows the institution to check its certificate and results after electronic issuance. If the institution does not have access, we will send a copy of your certificate via Post Office (international registered letter).

Please note that postage costs may be charged separately in some situations.

How can I request additional copies of my IELTS certificate?

Please carefully review the information available on the page about additional copies of your IELTS certificate before making your application.

You have the right to register up to 5 (five) institutions for free submission of your grades within two years after the completion of your test. After this limit, additional copies of your certificate can be obtained for a fee. Also, note that postage costs may be charged separately.

Requests for additional copies take approximately seven days to process, so we recommend that you arrange to order in advance.

How valid is my IELTS certificate?

Generally speaking, organizations may choose not to accept IELTS certificates older than two years, whether for paper-based or computer-based tests, unless you can provide evidence that you actively maintain your language skills or that you have tried to improve your English since taking the IELTS test.


The exam administering center cannot confirm the validity of IELTS results older than two years and issue additional certificate copies after this period.

How can I request an IELTS grade review?

If you have not achieved the expected score, you can request to re-evaluate your test. This request is called a review of notes or EOR (Enquiry on Results). See more information on our dedicated page if you would like to request a review of grades.

Result reviews take between 2 and 21 days to complete. If you don't have a response after 21 days, please get in touch with us.

How many times can I take the English IELTS exam?

There are no restrictions on repeating the IELTS English test. You can schedule a new test as soon as you feel ready.

If you want to arrive well-prepared for the IELTS test, we recommend that you learn about the British Council's IELTS preparation resources. With them, it will be better to understand the format and functioning of the test, receive tips to do well, and improve your level of English for IELTS.

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IELTS score

IELTS assesses English language skills at a wide range of levels. In the IELTS results, there is no pass or fail. You will receive a score of 0-9 (in the so-called IELTS Band Score) for each test step, reflecting your English language proficiency.

Your certificate will show a grade for the four skills (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking) and an overall average. You can achieve full score ranges (i.e., 5.0, 6.0, or 7.0) or mid-range scores (i.e., 5.5, 6.5, 7.5) at each race stage.

For the Life Skills version, you will not receive numerical grades but options such as pass or fail (pass or fail).

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How to interpret the IELTS Band Score?

IELTS English Exam Score Scale
Band 9 Expert user You have a full operational command of the language. Your use of English is appropriate, accurate and fluent, and you show complete understanding.
Band 8 Very good user You have a fully operational command of the language with only occasional unsystematic inaccuracies and inappropriate usage. You may misunderstand some things in unfamiliar situations. You handle complex detailed argumentation well.
Band 7 Good user You have an operational command of the language, though with occasional inaccuracies, inappropriate usage and misunderstandings in some situations. Generally you handle complex language well and understand detailed reasoning.
Band 6 Competent user Generally you have an effective command of the language despite some inaccuracies, inappropriate usage and misunderstandings. You can use and understand fairly complex language, particularly in familiar situations.
Band 5 Modest user You have a partial command of the language, and cope with overall meaning in most situations, although you are likely to make many mistakes. You should be able to handle basic communication in your own field.
Band 4 Limited user Your basic competence is limited to familiar situations. You frequently show problems in understanding and expression. You are not able to use complex language.
Band 3 Extremely limited user You convey and understand only general meaning in very familiar situations. There are frequent breakdowns in communication.
Band 2 Intermittent user You have great difficulty understanding spoken and written English.
Band 1 Non-user You have no ability to use the language except a few isolated words.
Band 0 Did not attempt the test You did not answer the questions.

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