The British Council will launch on 17 June 2019 the fourth edition of its Capacity Building and Internationalisation for Higher Educartion Call - Universities for the World Programme.

Resulting from joint work and consultation with several UK and Brazilian stakeholders (DIT, UUKi, Capes, Abruem, Faubai, Confap, amongst others), the objective of the programme is to strengthen the skills and capabilities for internationalisation within Brazilian universities, building on UK higher education institutions' (HEIs) expertise and experience in the field and to strengthen UK-BR partnerships through knowledge sharing. The funding aims to strengthen UK-BR partnerships while assisting Brazilian HEIs in operationalising the implementation of their Capes PrInt approved internationalisation plans.

Expected outcomes include: tools to monitor and support the implementation of internationalisation plans; knowledge and practice exchanges between British and Brazilian universities around the operationalisation and quality assurance of internationalisation plans; and stronger ties and partnerships between the institutions, continuing joint work on internationalisation. 

The overall aim of the call is to support effective implementation of internationalisation plans, develop shared knowledge indicators and standards of evaluation and plans, according to their established objectives and to inform and support national policies on future monitoring and measurement of the impacts of internationalisation schemes. The joint work between UK and Brazilian HEIs shall reflect a clear alignment and interest between institutions, which could lead to stronger formal agreements and partnerships in the future. An understanding of the local context and the actions to respond to institutional arrangements and regulations in partner countries, as well as the possibility of funding streams of activity to deliver the project, will add value to the presented proposals. 

Submission of Proposals (17 June – 31 July 2019)

This call requires joint submission of proposals with leading PIs from Brazil and the UK. Applications must be submitted using the online form. 

The call is open for submissions from 17 June to 31 July 2019. 

Please read the supporting documents on the download area below for more details.