Try Rugby is a pioneering international initiative, carried out in a partnership between Premiership Rugby, the British Council and local organizations. With the participation of British coaches from Premiership Rugby, one of the most important rugby leagues in the world, the project brings together sport and education for the development of civic values among children and youth in schools and communities in Brazil.

The project began in São Paulo, in partnership with Industry Federations, and soon expanded to other states.

FIRJAN, FIEMGFIERGS and FIESC were essential for the continuity of the program. In Rio de Janeiro, Jaguar Land Rover was an important supporter, as well as Universidade Estácio de Sá, CCR Nova Dutra, Instituto CCR and the Federal Government through the law to provide incentives for sports (Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte).

Across Brazil, sport is a tool to engage children and young adults and promote health, education and social results.

The project has also helped to increase the number of professional and amateur rugby players in Brazil, popularizing the sport in the country. 

The goal of Try Rugby is to provide young people with the opportunity to play rugby for the first time.

Sport promotes the development of important skills and values, such as respect, discipline, integrity, solidarity and passion.

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