Diálogo Mulheres em Movimento, realizado em janeiro de 2017 no Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

Building Movements – Contemporary Feminisms is an initiative by the British Council, Fundo ELAS, UN Women and the Open Society Foundation that aims to strengthen women and girls movements, with a particular look at young women collectives and their engagement in wider movements’ participation.

"Working with partners worldwide to progress gender equality is an important way in which we can meet our core purpose of building knowledge and understanding between the UK and other countries as well as contributing to a safer, more prosperous and inclusive world."
Sir Ciarán Devane – Chief Executive, British Council, 2017

There is a strong and vibrant women’s movement present in Latin America, considered amongst the most creative in the world. Regional and international connections can have significant impact for movements providing increased visibility of their causes, opportunities for mutual learning, sharing of strategies, support for each other’s´ programmes, and as a way to strengthen advancements towards gender equality in different parts of the world.

Women in Movement Dialogue

The Dialogue Women in Movement: Rights and New Directions, held in Rio de Janeiro on 25-28 January 2017, brought together more than 140 representatives from the women’s movement in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia and the UK to discuss the socio-political situation in Brazil and the region, to share ideas on successful feminist resistance (approaches, models and other examples of good practice) and to identify joint strategies to strengthen the mechanisms for achieving gender equality in Latin America.

Call for proposals - Selected proposals

The first call for proposals under the project Building Movements – Contemporary Feminisms, launched in Brazil in July 2017, has been a huge success: 645 project proposals were submitted by grassroots groups, coming from all Brazilian States – diverse and innovative proposals which attest to the high level of mobilization among women fighting for their rights and trying to coordinate efforts with other groups.

The British Council, UN Women, Open Society Foundations and Fundo ELAS, partners in the programme, are pleased to announce the 14 proposals selected, in support to the priorities and strategies agreed at the Dialogue Women in Movement. The full list of projects is available on the Downloads area below.

Following the call launched in 2017, the alliance announced the support to eight more projects of women groups and organizations in 2018, and 30 projects in 2019. The selected initiatives show the diversity of contemporary feminisms and the British Council support has as its main goal to strengthen the exchange of experiences and building networks among organizations and movements in Brazil, United Kingdom and Latin America countries.

In 2020, more partners joined the initiative and, in addition to the 30 initially foreseen in the call for proposals, 12 more groups were supported and nine was integrated to the Women in Movement programme, summing 51 beneficiaries, which reinforces this great alliance for women's rights.

The names of the contemplated projects are available in the documents on the download area below.

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