Repensando a Violência na América Latina

The objective of the Tackling Violence in Latin America project is to foster a more structured understanding of violence in the region, by promoting practices and public policies that can more effectively combat violence. By widening the reach of academic research – either published or not, carried out in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, among other countries – we aim to explore the success of alternative models to tackle the issue.

Tackling Violence in Latin America is part of the British Council's Building Movements platform and developed in partnership with King´s College London and Goldsmiths College – University of London from the UK; Centre for Metropolitan Studies (CEM), Centres for the Defence of Children and Adolescents (CEDECAs) in Sapopemba and São Carlos, Human Rights Centre Sapopemba (CDHS), Brazilian Centre for Analysis and Planning (CEBRAP) and Coletivo Rebento from Brazil; Centre for Research and Higher Studies in Social Anthropology (CIESAS) and Michoacán College (Colmich) from Mexico.

What (does) Produce Violence 

The course What (does) Produce Violence is aimed at professionals who are directly involved with themes of violence. It will take place in the city of São Paulo, from August to November 2017, and will count with the participation of Brazilian, British and Mexican professors approaching violence under a Latin American perspective. 

You can find the full programme and details here (in Portuguese).

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