Spending more time at home is a new reality. To take better advantage of the current situation, we have gathered digital resources and online platforms from the British Council so that you can find new ways to learn and be entertained - without leaving your home.

The selection brings some of the best of the British Council, for diverse profiles: from songs and games in English for children to a virtual tour of our art collection, as well as an online course on Shakespeare's life and work.

If you plan to take IELTS in the future, we have tools for you to practice and improve your skills. These materials will help you to be prepared to achieve your desired score when the time comes to take the test.

If you are studying the English language, it is also possible to find free websites and platforms with different activities, according to your level in the language.

Teachers can choose from a large array of options geared towards their professional development. There are resources both for English language teachers, specifically, and for those from other disciplines who seek support materials to prepare and adapt their subjects for remote classes.

Choose the sections that interest you the most and enjoy!