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If you are spending more time with children at home, we have some suggestions for activities that you can do together.

Games, songs and stories

With LearnEnglish Kids, the British Council website aimed at children, you can have a lot of fun, even indoors. The page has numerous features that can make you sing songs in English, play games online and watch short stories and animations about fairy tales and iconic characters from British culture. You will be able to entertain the kids, while also helping them to practice English and expand their vocabulary in the language.

"How to...?" videos

Have you ever thought of teaching the kids how to create a lantern, a homemade bowling game and even a pompom? With the "How to ...?" video series, you can learn how to make crafts and toys quickly and easily, with the materials you have at home. The videos are presented in English, with a simple vocabulary that is perfect for those who are still at the initial levels of the language. In the videos, you can also learn how to brush your teeth, do a magic trick and even play hopscotch.

Learning Time with Timmy

Learning Time with Timmy is a British Council YouTube channel filled with short videos based on characters from the cartoon "Timmy". With them, you can entertain a lot, in addition to teaching words and small phrases in English to children aged 2 to 6 years old. The material can also help to enrich the vocabulary while helping to develop the creativity and imagination of the kids.

Learn more about the series in the channel's presentation video:


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