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With school closures, teachers around the world are facing the same challenges. We can offer you a number of free online materials which will help you to work on your professional development and shift your classes into an online environment.

TeachingEnglish webinars

TeachingEnglish which seeks to provide support and support for English teachers. It is the result of a partnership between the BBC and the British Council. Each week, TeachingEnglish presents webinars with a focus on teaching topics. They cover everything from classroom inclusion initiatives to ways to deal with technology failures in times of remote teaching. The contents can be used by teachers of all subjects who are fluent in English.

Continuing Professional Development in Basic Education (cpdBE)

The Continuing Professional Development in Basic Education (cpdBE) works on the establishment of a regional learning community in the Americas. Through meetings, webinars, workshops and a group on Slack platform, teachers from various Latin American countries exchange ideas and projects to promote professional development.

Inspira Ciência

Inspira Ciência is a program of British Council in partnership with Museu do Amanhã that seeks to provide training tools so that basic education teachers can encourage science learning. On the Inspira Ciência website, it is possible to download a publication full of articles by Brazilian teachers, as well as learning guides, lesson plans and even low-cost experiments, which can be done at the classroom.

British Council Facebook Group for Teachers 

If you'd like to find out what teachers from other countries are doing, why not join our global teacher community on Facebook? You can share your experience there and get new ideas from colleagues who are facing similar challenges. 

Políticas Públicas para o Ensino de Inglês

Launched in November 2019, Políticas Públicas para o Ensino de Inglês is the latest publication by the British Council. The material is the first comprehensive study of how Brazilian states are creating a basis for teaching and learning the English language, investigating aspects such as level of structure and teacher training in state schools.

TeachingEnglish YouTube channel

The TeachingEnglish - British Council YouTube channel is full of free lectures, seminars and materials that can help teachers carry out their lessons and teaching plans. The video below is one of them and teaches how to use Skype to teach online:


British Council currently offers a series of free MOOC options, through the FutureLearn platform. The courses aimed at those who want to improve their English skills or even develop professionally. Currently, courses open for registration include:

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