Quarta-feira, Dezembro 6, 2023 - 10:00

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No British Council acreditamos que o desenvolvimento e aprendizado da língua inglesa e suas tendências não são estáticos, mas sim um conjunto de práticas em constante evolução.  

Por isso, em maio deste ano, realizamos a conferência New Directions Latam 2023, evento que reuniu especialistas para debater tendências e abordagens na avaliação da língua inglesa sob perspectivas nacionais e internacionais. 

No British Council não queremos que todo o aprendizado desses dois dias de evento fique restrito a aquele momento. E é por isso que queremos continuar a conversa com este magnífico webinar.


At the British Council, we believe that the development and learning of the English language and its trends are not static; instead, it is a living concomitant that changes the more it is practised.

That is why, in May 2023, we held the New Directions Latam 2023 conference, an international event that brought together specialists who provide international and national perspectives on trends and approaches in English language assessment.

At the British Council, we want everything learned in this event to be shared, and that is why we want to continue the conversation with this magnificent webinar.


Advancing Language Assessment in Latin America: Insights and Perspectives from LAALTA

The Latin American Association for Language Testing and Assessment (LAALTA), founded in 2017, has dedicated to advancing language assessment practices in Latin American educational and professional settings. Two of our primary goals are fostering language assessment research within Latin American contexts and disseminating cutting-edge theoretical knowledge and research findings.

In pursuit of these objectives, in 2019, we conducted a survey on the needs and self-reported knowledge of different stakeholders in Latin America, gathering responses from 532 participants across 15 Latin American countries. Additionally, in 2022-2023, we collected information on local language test developing and adapting in the region. This research involved archival investigations and informal interviews conducted by LAALTA members in eight countries.

During this webinar, we will present the findings from both research initiatives. We invite participants to engage in a meaningful discussion regarding the landscape of language assessment in Latin America. We will explore policies, practices, and the unique dynamics influencing language testing across the region. Join us for valuable insights into the state of language assessment in Latin America.

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Salomé Villa Larenas

Co-founder and current immediate past president, Latin American Association for Language Testing and Assessment, LAALTA.

Salomé Villa Larenas is an Assistant Professor at Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile and one of the LAALTA co-founders and current immediate past president of the association. She holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics from Lancaster University, UK, and an MA from Melbourne University, Australia. Her research interests include language assessment literacy development in the teaching profession and language testing in teacher education.

Nayibe Rosado Mendinueta

Co-founder and the current president, Latin American Association for Language Testing and Assessment, LAALTA.

Nayibe Rosado-Mendinueta is an associate professor of the Language Institute at Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia. She teaches in the language teacher education program, the masters in Education and TEFL and the doctoral in Education programs at Uninorte. She holds a master and a doctor in Education degrees. She is a co-founder and the current president of the Latin American Association for Language Testing and Assessment, LAALTA.