The British Council is seeking English Language Specialist Executive Secretary to the Steering Group (SG) led by the British Council to support administrative tasks during the activities produced within the programme.

Apply by: 17 August 2020

Start date: 24 August 2020


About the project

The British Council is part of a consortium with Brazilian institutions that with funding from the British Government, will develop a program that aims to achieve a higher level of prosperity in Brazil through a significant change in English language teaching. Through an English teaching system focused on skills development, the program aims to enhance inclusive economic growth in Brazil by improving, in the long run, the employability and job opportunities, among other results that will positively impact potential beneficiaries.

The programme will have pilots in 5 states and is expected to have an impact on up to 16 million students and 126 thousand public school English teachers (both indirectly and directly) through four main outputs: Policy and regulatory reform, design and delivery of ELT curriculum reform, teacher training, and a crosscutting equity output.

The British Council role is of the ELT partner of the consortium with a technical, advisory, and strategic role across the different project outputs, while also leading the observatory role to engage key stakeholders to disseminate knowledge and best practices.

As the ELT partner, the British Council counts with the engagement of highly qualified experts in ELT/ELL, public policies, leadership and research. The experts work in a consultancy basis forming a Steering Group led by the British Council to provide technical advice and insight through critical readings, reviews and analysis of documents and activities produced within the programme.

The purpose and scope of this RFP and supporting documents is to explain in further detail the requirements of the British Council and the procurement process for submitting a proposal.


The British Council’s role as the ELT partner of the consortium requires the services of highly qualified experts in English Language Teaching and Learning. The Executive Secretary will work directly with a committee of specialists in the field, and the British Council staff to provide the following services:

  • Schedule, follow up and monitor meetings and activities developed by the Steering Group;
  • Participating in face-to-face/online activities;
  • Monitoring the work and activities involving the Steering Group;
  • Writing meeting minutes, revising texts produced by the SG;
  • Organize readings and demands requested by the Consortium to the SG;
  • Leading the elaboration of technical reports by the SG, providing inputs and ensuring deliveries on time;
  • Reporting activities developed between the Steering group, the programme and the consortium leads;
  • Producing narrative and technical reports;
  • Providing technical advice and insights through discussions and critical readings.

Per year rate for the consultancy will be limited to R$ 35.000,00 conditioned to the following activities and deliverables:

  • Participating in up to 3 meetings per week, up to 1 hour each;
  • Development of 12 narrative reports and recommendations; and
  • Development of analytical reports every quarter.

Payments will be made following the delivery of activities and products below:

  • Consolidation and analysis of opinions and feedback already submitted, identifying recurring themes and reflections;
  • Participation in weekly meetings, lasting up to 3 hours, with a group of specialists; and
  • Production of narrative reports and recommendations for each work cycle (written opinions, workshops and internal meetings), compared with previous reports, limited to ten pages in the ABNT standards.

Mandatory Requirements / Constraints

Supplier must be registered and have a CNPJ, according to Brazilian legislation.

Supplier must be an ELT/ELL specialist, have fluent English knowledge to be able to participate in meetings and elaborate documents and reports.

Please discriminate your work hour pricing in accordance with the activities described on 7.2.

As part of your proposal, you must confirm that you meet the mandatory requirements/constraints, if any, as set out in the British Council’s specification forming part of this RFP. A failure to comply with one or more mandatory requirements or constraints shall entitle the British Council to reject a proposal in full.

Qualification requirements

Supplier must have relevant qualification and experience on ELT/ELL. Relevant knowledge or experience in one or more of the following subjects will be considered an advantage: basic education, assessment and/or public policies.

Supplier must be proactive, communicative, organized, attentive to detail and be able to manage several administrative tasks at the same time.

How to Apply

People who are interested in this Request for Proposal should submit:

  • Updated CV, highlighting relevant qualification and experience.
  • Proof of relevant professional and/or academic activities in the area, such as: reference letters from previous employers and/or published articles.
  • Cover letter stating why you are the best candidate for the job.

to by 17 August 2020 at 1 pm.

For the complete Request for Proposal, please download the PDF document available in the "Downloads" section of this webpage.