University and school exams

The application process and test fee vary according to each institution. In some cases, the instution will contact us on your behalf and, in others, you will have to contact them first in order to receive the necessary instructions for your registration process.

For more details on each one, please consult the institutions list below:

Professional exams

Professional exams are usually scheduled directly by the institution while our premisses serve as your examination centre in Brazil. For more details about the application process for each exam, please consult the institution list available at Professional exams.


Application requests must be made at least 15 calendar days before the test day. After verifing the necessary procedures directly with the institution and consulting our institution list, please reach out to, with the following details:

  • Full name;
  • CPF number;
  • Full address with CEP;
  • Name of exam and/or institution;
  • Deadline to take the exam


The British Council charges an administrative fee for each exam, which may vary accordingly to each institution. Additional costs regarding the dispatch of exam materials may also be charged. All necessary fees will be made known once the exam itself has been requested.

As of now the only payment method available is by boleto payment voucher. In order for your exam to be processed it will be necessary that the payment receipt is send in by e-mail. 

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