Please read the instructions below to know more about our cancellation and refund policy for professional and university exams:

Cancellation due to medical issues

Requests must be sent to within 5 calendar days after the exam date, together with a medical certificate, with ICD number included (International Classification of Diseases). A partial refund will be made of the total exam costs, barring a 25% administrative fee.

Cancellation without medical issues

Requests must be sent to within 3 calendar days before the exam date. A partial refund of the total exam costs will be made, barring a 50% administrative fee.

Important notice: requests submitted after the established deadline will not be eligible for a refund. In these cases, the candidate has the right to request a transfer of the exam date.

Rescheduling an exam date

A candidate may request to transfer his/her exam date by paying an additional 25% of the overall test fee already paid beforehand and should contact

Please note that any rescheduling of the exam date depends on the consent of the educational institution involved, before the British Council may approve such a change. 

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