Banner Reflections on youth and leadership for public policies in Brazil

The Brazilian youth population has been actively involved in the debate on public policies in the country in recent years and, despite being less interested in traditional politics, it seeks other forms of participation, of more informal, local and organic character. This is shown by the unprecedented study Reflections on youth and leadership for public policies in Brazil, prepared by the British Council jointly with GIP - Gestão de Interesse Público.

Based on official research and data, the survey presents information on the behaviour of young people today concerning politics and other relevant themes in their universe, as well as some of the challenges that are faced by them. The study included the analysis of quantitative data from public agencies and research institutes, in addition to interviews with representatives of 17 civil society organizations that have relevant activities with youth in Brazil.

An extensive survey and analysis of the academic production of youth in the last decades was also carried out, focusing on three themes - gender, inclusion and climate change. The goal is to generate reflections and seek a positive agenda that encourages new research and facilitates youth engagement in the development of public policies.

"It is essential to equip young people with empowering tools and skills, with new initiatives designed specifically to strengthen youth participation in democratic institutions" – Andrew Newton, director of British Council in Brazil.

Below, please find the video recording for the launch of the report.