English teacher and students
English services for institutions

The British Council has over 80 years of experience in teaching English and an extensive database of research which makes us one of the world authorities in English. We can draw on the best expertise from the UK and from across our global network to design relevant, affordable and high quality solutions that respond to your needs. Working with both public and private institutions, we offer a range of solutions such as:

Teacher Development

  • Teacher training, development programmes and certification in English teaching.
  • Assessment and implementation of teaching quality control programmes.
  • English language development for Teachers.
  • Curriculum and English learning materials development.

Customised English courses

  • Assessment tests to establish levels of English competence (using the Aptis assessment system).
  • Customised English courses.
  • English courses for specific purposes (e.g. the hospitality industry, police and security services, etc).

Consultancy to policy makers

The British Council has a global reputation for the quality of its policy dialogues, strategic advice and support for national education schemes. We support governments in enhancing the quality of education provision, strengthening research and innovation, ensuring that education meets the needs of industry and commerce, and building long lasting education partnerships with the UK and internationally.