Mujer emprendedora confeccionando una prenda

ANDE Brazil in partnership with the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and the support of the British Council’s DICE programme developed in 2019 a series of workshops to discuss gender issues in entrepreneurship in Brazil.

As a result of this partnership, a joint knowledge brief  “Bringing a Gender Lens to Supporting Small and Growing Businesses: Insights from Brazil” was created to address key topics and catalyse leadership on gender inclusion in Brazil: understanding biases, recognizing gender intersections with other diversity issues, attracting and retaining women entrepreneurs and linking to investors.

The study was launched during a webinar with the participation of the following Brazilian and UK organisations: Sauanne Bispo (Fundação Tide Setúbal), Simone Oliveira (Instituto Procomum), Franklin Luzes (Microsoft Participações) and Jiselle Steele (Social Starters – UK). The study and the webinar are available for download below.