Photo of We Are Here exhibition, currently taking place at Instituto Tomie Ohtake. Photographer: Ricardo Miyada

The Plural Programme celebrates diversity and puts creativity, experimentation, co-creation and advocacy for LGBTQI+ artists and organizations at the forefront, creating opportunities for intercultural experiences.

Through initiatives and activities planned to take place in the coming months, the British Council will increase the visibility of LGBTQI+ arts and culture, providing a safe space for discussion and promoting opportunities in international networks in Brazil, the Americas and the UK.

The Plural Programme will celebrate diversity and share experiences of LGBTQI+ art and culture from Brazil and the Americas, providing opportunities for experiences and mutual learning that will culminate in new connections and alliances for organizations, policymakers and artists.

The programme will have a special focus on young artists (18 to 36 years old) from vulnerable communities, such as Blacks and indigenous people, giving great emphasis to diversity, inclusion and having equal opportunities at its core.

Keep following our work to learn more about our events and achievements.

Current Highlights: