Artists in Residence - Extended deadline


Plural offers a four-week (or equivalent) digital residency. Hosted by a Brazilian partner, UK residents will develop new ideas, experiment with their practice and make new connections through engaging with the partners’ local cultural landscape. 

We will offer four residencies for UK and UK-based LGBTQIA+ artists to be hosted by a Brazilian partner organisation. 

Residencies are self-directed by the artist, with support and guidance from the host partner. Applicants are invited to propose a project idea to help structure their work and time. Through working with the host organisation, they will be encouraged to make new connections and explore a variety of ideas, both expected and unexpected. Residencies will have an active agenda of meetings, encounters, attending online cultural events, writing time and so on. 

Residents are expected to present digital work (for example, online exhibition, performance, etc) during the residency and engage in activities such as workshops or talks. In addition, residents are asked to document their residency to share with public audiences. 


  • Build relationships between artists, organisations and communities in Brazil
  • Offer extraordinary experiences which enable LGBTQIA+ artists to develop their artistic practice, experiment with new ideas and ways of working 
  • Open up opportunities for LGBTQIA+ artists in international marketplaces
  • Enable cultural organisations to work differently and strengthen practices through hosting LGBTQIA + artists

Who can participate in the call?

Artists in Residence is open to LGBTQIA+ UK artists all genres. We will look to match individuals with host partners’ own interests as much as possible. Artists may be performers, visual artists, designers, filmmakers, writers, etc. 

Residents are selected through an application and interview process and must demonstrate: 

  • Previous experience in successfully leading on creative ideas and processes
  • Interest in making new connections with other creators, organisations and communities 
  • Flexibility and resilience – to work outside of their comfort zone 
  • An ability to connect, collaborate and create via digital tools and platforms will also be essential. 

Host partners

1. PretaHub 

The Feira Preta Institute has as a main mission to generate music and cultural exchanges for the African diaspora. In the  music production segment, the hub offers  a network in São Paulo and Bahia dedicated to promote black music in Brazil. The hub has Pretacast, recording studios for production, dissemination  and democratization of black music. PretaHub aims to make podcasts and recordings of EPs in different formats for LGBTQIA + musicians.


2. Despina 

Despina runs an international art residency programme alongside a dynamic agenda of exhibitions, workshops, courses, performances, talks, film screenings, among other activities. Despina is also responsible for the concept and management of Compa – Women’s Archive, the first digital archive fully dedicated to the memories, herstories, struggles, accomplishments, the micropolitics and daily revolutions of women and the feminist movement in Brazil.


3. Diversa Art and Culture 

Diversa is an non-profit organisation which works specifically with LGBTQIA+ artists. Diversa is engaged with a  network such as LGBT Pride Parade of São Paulo, the National LGBT Alliance, Mothers for Diversity, Sexual Diversity Commission of OAB / SP and is the main partner of the Museum of Sexual Diversity in São Paulo.


4. Instituto Mesa 

Instituto MESA (IM) is dedicated to transdisciplinary research, projects and publications that foster and deepen encounters between art, culture and society. Working at the intersections of contemporary art, social practice and experimental pedagogy their projects include collective initiatives such as the Art_Care project and the online bilingual "magazine as social sculpture" publication Revista MESA. IM puts social justice, collaboration and exchange at the heart of their practice, facilitating creative and supportive contexts for LGBTQIA+ artists.