It is important that you read and accept the IELTS terms and conditions when you register for the test. You can find a shot-version at IELTS Notice to Candidates. Make sure that you have also read and understood terms and conditions for IELTS in Brazil, available at Terms and Conditions IELTS Brazil.

The terms and conditions contain important information, including details of:
  • the rules you need to follow
  • security precautions taken when you sit your test
  • the results process
  • cancellation process
  • how we use your information.

When you tick the terms and conditions box, you are confirming that you have read and understood the IELTS terms and conditions and agree to abide by them. 

Please note:  

Security at IELTS tests is important to us. As an added measure, all participants will be required to have their photograph taken by IELTS administrative staff on their test day. 

If you take IELTS Online, you will be required to show your identification document at the start of each of the test modules.