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Find all the information about your IELTS English exam in the IELTS Candidate Portal British Council

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What can be checked in the test taker portal?

In our online test taker portal, you can check:

  • Your test date 
  • Your venue, test date and time for the Speaking section (for the IELTS on paper test, please note that your Speaking interview schedule will be emailed to you around Yeven days before the test)
  • details of how to download Inspera Exam Portal software and test day access code if you take IELTS Online
  • Your payment information
  • Your contact information
  • Your results
  • Access to IELTS Ready: Premium
  • An application form for additional TRFs
  • Contact information for the British Council.

How to access your British Council IELTS test taker portal?

IELTS on paper 

IELTS on computer

Login here using your registered email and password to enter the test taker portal


IELTS Life Skills

Login here to enter the test taker portal.

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Exam tips

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