The below instructions are only valid in case you have taken the IELTS exam in Brazil. For other countries, please contact the corresponding test centre.

If you are dissatisfied with the results of your test, you may submit an Enquiry on Results form to have your scores reviewed within a deadline of 6 (six) weeks after your test date. This is also the deadline to send us all the necessary documentation (filled form and proof of payment of the service fee).

Please fill in the form below and submit it to Please also inform us:

  • your full name;
  • IELTS Reference number (BR051-000000-0000 ou S-BR051-00000-00000);
  • test details (date and venue);
  • test module (Academic or General Training);
  • CPF number;
  • your complete address.

Once you have send us the form and the information above, please wait to receive further instructions via e-mail. If the test taker’s scores change as a result of the enquiry on results process, the test taker will be required to return their TRF before a new one is issued.

A £85.00 fee applies for regular IELTS test taker, £100.00 for IELTS for UKVI and £75.00 for IELTS Life Skills (refunded if your score on any component is increased).

Guidelines for filling out the Enquiry on Results Form

  • Centre Name: British Council São Paulo;
  • Centre Number: preencher BR051;
  • Address: remember to inform your full address, CEP included; 
  • Submit both pages of the document (page 2 is for internal use only);
  • Submit only .pdf forms