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The below instructions are only valid in case you have taken the IELTS exam in Brazil. For other countries, please contact the corresponding test centre.

To request additional copies of your Test Report Form (TRF), please fill in the form below and submit it to ielts@britishcouncil.org.br. In the e-mail message, please also inform us:

  • Your full name
  • IELTS Reference number (BR051-000000-0000 ou S-BR051-00000-00000)
  • Test details (date and venue)
  • Candidate number (4 to 6 digits)
  • CPF number
  • Your complete address

Once you send us the form, please wait to receive further instructions.

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Important instructions

  • Additional Test Report Form (TRF) can only be sent to universities and/or educational institutions unless you are applying to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (UKVI) – in these cases, two or more TRFs will be released only if provided proof of application to IRCC and UKVI. Please send us all the necessary documentation via e-mail;
  • In case of loss or damage, the candidate has the right to request  for 1 (one) additional Test Report Form (TRF);
  • Additional TRFs cannot be sent to P.O. Box addresses (please inform us the address for courier postages);
  • Your Test Report Form (TRF) is valid for 2 years - after this deadline, the test centre cannot issue you additional TRFs;
  • From the point of registration and for up to 2 years following the test date, you can request centres to send your results to up to five recognising organisations of your choice. For each additional copy requested over and above the free allocation, an administrative fee will be charged. Kindly note that postage costs may be charged at the discretion of the centre;
  • Additional Test Report Form (TRF) can only be issued if you have taken your IELTS in Brazil. For different countries, please contact your test centre directly.

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