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Have you ever thought about an innovative project, dedicated to building collaborative and active knowledge between academy and society? And all this in favour of science and better use and conservation of the environment? That's the proposal of Maré de Ciência, a partnership between the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP) and the British Council.

It is an innovative proposal for scientific dissemination and engagement to strengthen the interface between science, public policies, and society. It is based on the concept of building collaborative and active knowledge between academy and society, aiming at the best use and conservation of the environment.

Differential of Maré de Ciência

The differential of this project is the valorisation of the participant as the protagonist of the production of knowledge and the joint development of the processes. This means that you, as an active participant of the project, will be essential to produce knowledge, in addition to participating in this process of development. It's all about producing and developing.

Ciências do Mar works in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, in line with the objectives of the UN Decade of Oceans.

What is innovative about Maré de Ciência?


It is a project that integrates teaching-research-extension and it is built together among the University, the government, and civil society. Proposes that knowledge and research, such as science and impact, such be done together, by everyone, not only the university.


This project is based on three actions:

  1. Scientific dissemination as a means of raising awareness and mobilisation
  2. Citizen Science as a tool for scientific literacy and the engagement of researchers and society for scientific research
  3. The construction of participatory public policies, integrating citizens, researchers, and public authorities in workshops using active methodologies for integration and conflict resolution.

Oceanic Culture

The role of Ocean Culture is important and serves to help understand how the ocean influences our lives, and consequently, how our actions influence the ocean.

More than the transmission of knowledge about the ocean, Ocean Culture is an engagement platform for all sectors of society to learn, share and propose new approaches to promote the sustainability of the ocean.

Be an ambassador for the Ocean!

For this reason, Ocean Culture is not just about formal education, but a movement that transforms knowledge about the ocean into actions by all sectors of society.

Oceanic Culture supports evidence-based decision-making, the development of the blue economy and sustainable production practices, as well as promoting research in marine sciences that have a socioeconomic impact, providing citizenship and encouraging a generation that considers good practices in relation to the ocean in their professional and personal actions.

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