Do you know what STEM is?

STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Considering the meaning of it and the need to disseminate STEM knowledge, British Council and King's College London idealised a partnership that resulted in the STEM Education Hub.

The objectives of STEM Education Hub

The STEM Education Hub aims to promote and support science learning and teaching, as well as being a safe haven to promote the partnership between Brazil and the United Kingdom in the areas of research, creation, and innovation for quality and inclusive education for everyone.

In addition, the program offers opportunities for international mobility, reflection, study and collective experimentation between Brazil and UK in the areas of STEM, strengthening the culture of translating the use of evidence-based research into reflexive practices to promote citizenship, equality, and sustainable development.

How the STEM Education Hub works

  • Knowledge production and sharing about Science teaching, with a special focus on Natural Sciences
  • Science workshops
  • International missions to construct partnerships and collaborative projects and studies
  • Immersive courses and Summer / Winter Schools
  • Talks and Mini-courses on emerging topics in the field on the popularization of science.

Join the STEM Education Hub

Be part of the STEM Hub Education affiliate network

Both in Brazil and in the United Kingdom, the STEM Education Hub has partner networks in the areas of basic education, higher education and research, museum and science centers, engagement, and scientific communication.