Quarta-feira, Fevereiro 21, 2024 - 10:00

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No British Council acreditamos que o desenvolvimento e aprendizado da língua inglesa e suas tendências não são estáticos, mas sim um conjunto de práticas em constante evolução.  

Por isso, em maio deste ano, realizamos a conferência New Directions Latam 2023, evento que reuniu especialistas para debater tendências e abordagens na avaliação da língua inglesa sob perspectivas nacionais e internacionais. 

No British Council não queremos que todo o aprendizado desses dois dias de evento fique restrito a aquele momento. E é por isso que queremos continuar a conversa com este magnífico webinar.


At the British Council, we believe that the development and learning of the English language and its trends are not static; instead, it is a living concomitant that changes the more it is practised.

That is why, in May 2023, we held the New Directions Latam 2023 conference, an international event that brought together specialists who provide international and national perspectives on trends and approaches in English language assessment.

At the British Council, we want everything learned in this event to be shared, and that is why we want to continue the conversation with this magnificent webinar.


Understand test validity and reliability in high stakes tests and how this relates to classroom assessment

The subjectivity inherent in judging a learner's level of proficiency in a foreign language is problematic for not only logistical but also ethical reasons as it is a potential source of unfairness within education systems. For this reason it is important to ensure that both high-stakes test as well as classroom assessments are valid and reliable. This workshop will explore these two key concepts and illustrate the importance of aligning the tests and assessments to international standards such as the CEFR.

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