Quinta-feira, Maio 25, 2023 - 09:30

The British Council produces both international and localised standardised English language tests, and is committed to creating EDI-compliant test content as well as ensuring inclusive test accessibility. As such, test candidates taking Aptis or other tests such as IELTS may notice a shift to more diverse and culturally inclusive test content, and should prepare themselves for these potential changes. This workshop will focus on answering the question: How can teachers make their students’ test preparation and classroom materials more EDI-focussed?

In this workshop, participants will consider aspects of EDI that impact on the testing experience and test scoring such as: increasing familiarity with other cultures and scenarios, considering gender and power roles and increasing familiarity with a range of accents. Practical techniques will be considered during the workshop for participants to use in their classroom, namely how to choose, adapt and create EDI-compliant images, audios and texts.

Gemma Bellhouse

Test Product Quality Assurance Manager Global Assessments Team, British Council

Ms Gemma Bellhouse is the Test Product Quality Assurance Manager within the Global Assessments team at the British Council. She has been working in the quality assurance, production and management of language tests since 2015 and is especially impassioned by the effects of EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) in language testing. Ms Bellhouse holds an MSc from Oxford in Applied Linguistics & Second Language Acquisition.