Quinta-feira, Maio 25, 2023

Panel Discussion: The Future of English: Global Perspective Chair: Mina Patel Ivan Siqueira, Nayibe Rosado, Steve Copeland, Silvia Diaz Fragoso, Isora Enriquez English is the world’s lingua franca, but what will the future bring? The future of the English language will have a significant impact on education and employment for people around the globe. As a result, educational institutions, employers and government agencies need to consider how these changes will affect their policies, strategies and practices. To address these issues, the British Council has established a long-term research agenda into the future of the English language and its uses, needs, and demands worldwide and the forces driving them. We listened to a wide range of views from people who have an interest in the future of English as a global language. Access your free copy of ‘The Future of English: Global Perspectives’ today for an inside look at the latest research into the evolving English language.